• Austrian Development Agency
  • Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo
  • Agence Française de Développement
  • British Council
  • Belgian development agency
  • Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P.
  • Czech Development Agency
  • Europe Aid
  • Expertise France
  • Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • Luxembourg Development Cooperation
  • Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
  • Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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Thematic Groups

Various Thematic Working Groups have been created to allow Members to exchange views and work on topical issues, which reflect the priorities of the Practitioners’ Network, at both the operational and strategic levels. Involvement in a Thematic Working Group is strictly voluntary and in accordance with the priority given to the particular theme of the group. Each Thematic Working Group is headed by a Member acting as leader (two Members can ensure co-leadership). An Observer may act as leader if approved by the Steering Committee. New Thematic Working Groups can be created at the request of Members, subject to approval by the Steering Committee. 

Thematic Working Groups are managed in a decentralized way by group leaders who are responsible for organising meetings. They are free to choose the form the meetings take, and the appropriate way of holding meetings and organising their exchanges. The Thematic Working Groups shall define their respective terms of reference and agree on their activities and programmes, outputs and outcomes, including regular thematic workshops as well as the possible commissioning of studies and papers, if approved by the Steering Committee. Working Groups should remain flexible and not duplicate working groups that exist elsewhere outside the PN. 

European organisations, which have expressed an interest in joining the Practitioners' Network may be invited by group leaders to meetings of Thematic Working Groups. Any organization or expert may be invited by a Thematic Working Group leader to participate in a given activity of the group, based on its specific added value. Representatives of government or policy-makers may be invited by group leaders to attend certain Thematic Working Group meetings, when appropriate, in order to ensure open dialog between the Practitioners’ Network and politicians. 

Working Group - Effective Partnership.


The Effective Partnerships Working Group (EP WG) was created in 2015 (under the name “Working Together”) to promote general mutual knowledge, effective coordination and enhanced partnerships not only between Network’s Members and the EC but also between the Members themselves. Since 2016, it is co-led by AFD and British Council, and has produced substantial results.

The objectives of this group, as defined in the terms of reference, are threefold:

1)      Strengthening mutual knowledge and exchange in order to fully foster the principles of the network;

2)      Contribute to improved joint implementation practices;

3)      Strengthening concrete modalities for a stronger cooperation between EU Institutions and MS agencies, and facilitating the PN’s contribution to an EU legal and political framework that better recognises the specificity and priority of the relationship between EC and MS agencies.

For more information, please contact the coordinator or login as a Member to the archive section.

Working Group - Crisis, Fragility and Migration.


The Crisis, Fragility and Migration (CFM) Working Group was created to promote knowledge sharing, effective coordination and mutualisation of capacity for analysis and implementation in order to strengthen the collective EU response towards resilience in situations of crisis and fragility, by combining the comparative advantages of European aid actors. It is co-led by AFD and Expertise France and has produced substantial results since its inception in May 2016.

The objectives of the working group are twofold:

1)      - Strengthening mutual knowledge and exchange between the PN Members themselves and between the PN and the EU institutions;

2)      - Contributing to EU effective coordination, mutualisation and joint implementation in fragility contexts.

For more information, please contact the coordinator or login as a Member to the archive section.

Working Group - Private Sector.


The Working Group was founded in 2016 and is chaired jointly by SNV and GIZ.

It serves as a platform for engaging in both mutual benefitting cooperation between existing instruments, programs and projects but also for the enhancement of cross-agency mutual learning and reflection and the development of new approaches to increase private sector development and engagement.

Meetings are held on a bi-annual basis.

For more information, please contact the coordinator or login as a Member to the archive section.

Other Thematic Priorities

Other thematic priorities can be decided at the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly as being strategic and a priority, therefore pursued by the Practitioners’ Network. Without formalisation within an actual Thematic Working Group, these activities can take place in a rather flexible format, as long as they are led or co-led by Members, and catalyse interest. Generally speaking, the fact that a working group does not exist anymore or does not yet exist under this specific format (e.g. as an organ of the Network) does not prevent ad hoc meeting to be convened or activities to be organised according to the Members’ interest and capacity to engage. 

Thematic priority - Gender.


Gender was selected as one of the Network’s priorities at the Annual Assembly in Vienna (May 2014) and reconfirmed as one of the strategic priorities of the Network at the Annual Meeting since then. It was renewed in Brussels in May 2016 where PN Members agreed to set up an ad hoc Working Group on Gender, co-led by SIDA and BTC.



High-Level Meetings

The Practitioners’ Network also offers opportunities to meet at high level at several occasions on an annual basis.

High Level Panel

High Level Panel, EDD, 15th June 2016

Working together in fragile states for better effectiveness A reality check and ways forward from a multi-stakeholder perspective June 15th, 2016  |  18:00 – 19:30  |  Venue: Tour & Taxis,...

For more information, please contact the Coordinator or login as a Member.

to be updated shortly on the basis of the outcome of the General Assembly (May 2016) and subsequent Steering Committee Meeting (July 2016)

CEO Meeting

The next PN CEO High Level Meeting took place on 8 November 2017 under the British Council Presidency.

Preparatory Meeting CEO Summit 27 October 2016

For more information, please contact the Coordinator or login as a Member.

Preparatory Meeting CEO Summit 18 October 2016

For more information, please contact the Coordinator or login as a Member.

Working Paper and Views and Suggestions Series

The Working Paper Series results from the work and reflexions around the nature of the papers the Practitioners’ Network can publish, as well as their utility. The Steering Committee, in cooperation with the Coordinator, after discussing a number of options, finally decided to gather them all under the title Working Paper Series (WPS). With a disclaimer that protects all Members, from any responsibility vis-à-vis the content of the paper, the WPS may regularly be publicly shared in, as long as they clearly mention through which process they have been drafted (including the author). Each WPS must be reviewed by the SC, and all Members should have had an opportunity to comment it before it is being published as a PN WPS.

Download the WPS 1 file.

The Views and Suggestions series results from the work and collective reflection of the Members on the Practitioners’ Network strategic priorities. It reflects common views in a concise format for dissemination towards EU Institutions and an extended audience.


To date, three Practitioners’ Network Views and Suggestions have been published and shared with a targeted audience:

-          Practitioners’ Network Views and Suggestions # 1 on the Revision of the Financial regulation;

-          Practitioners’ Network Views and Suggestions # 2 entitled Reflecting upon Joint Implementation;

-           Practitioners’ Network Views and Suggestions # 3 on European Union Trust Funds.

To access these documents, please log in if you are a Member, or contact the Coordinator