Jul 19, 2022



Founded in 2007, the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation is an open platform for exchange, coordination and harmonisation between European Development Cooperation organisations. Its seventeen Members, four Associates and one Observer (the European Commission) use the platform to share their experiences and reflect on joint efforts in implementation.

By providing feedback on European international cooperation policies from a practitioners’ perspective, the network contributes to the coherence and complementarity of European development cooperation efforts. It encourages an integrated, pluralistic, innovative, pragmatic and efficient approach in implementing European international cooperation programmes.

The Practitioners’ Network is governed by a Charter and is constituted by the General Assembly of all Members. One or two Members, based on an annual rotating process, hold the (co-) Presidency. A Steering Committee of six Members, including the (co-)Presidency and a Coordination Team, supports the (co-)Presidency and the network´s activities.

Next to its members, the network has the support of a Coordination team currently composed of two coordinators, provided by the consulting firm PROEVAL, whose responsibilities and tasks are outlined in art. 40 of the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation Charter:

• provide support to the President and the Steering Committee, in particular to coordinate the preparation of the annual report of the PN;

• facilitate the provision of information to and amongst Members, Associates and Observers on all Practitioners’ Network matters;

• suggest options/initiatives for operational and organisational developments of the Practitioners’ Network;

• manage in accordance and under guidance of the Steering Committee PN internal and external communications and visibility actions, including website management and social media promotion;

• represent the Practitioners' Network, if so instructed by the President;

• prepare and draft a budget plan for the Practitioners’ Network; • manage the accounts and budget;

• prepare quarterly reports and an annual statement of transactions made through the Joint Bank Account and provide these documents to the President;

• prepare the discharge of the President and the Coordinator for the outgoing financial year.

In view of the increasing activity and scope of work of the PN, its members agree that the PN requires a reinforced Coordination service, including in the team a Support Coordinator, specialised in Communications and external dissemination.


Remotely with occasional visits to Brussels