Jan 04, 2023




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Emmanouil-Georgios PAPAIOANNOU



1st quarter 2023 [1]

2 years1

Brussels   Luxemburg   Other:


With allowances                 x  Cost-free



1.    Nature of the tasks

The Directorate-General for International Partnerships is responsible for designing EU development policies and for the implementation of the Commission's external aid instruments.

The Directorate for Resources ensures the provision of the resources necessary for the good functioning of INTPA both in Headquarters and in Delegations.

Unit INTPA R3 - Audit and Control, is responsible for the co-ordination and follow-up of DG INTPA's internal control system especially the DG's assurance strategy. It oversees and coordinates relations with key external and internal control stakeholders, such as the European Court of Auditors, OLAF, IAS and control bodies of international organizations. It is responsible for the methodology for and monitoring of the system of audits and expenditure verifications by external service providers of operations under the remit of DG INTPA. The work of the Unit supports the Director General in his Annual Declaration of Assurance within the Annual Activity Report.

Under the supervision of the Team Leader, contribute to the implementation of INTPA's Pillar Assessments and Simplified Cost Options audits. The SNE will work under the supervision of an administrator. Without prejudice to the principle of loyal cooperation between the national/regional and European administrations, the SNE will not work on individual cases with implications with files he/she would have had to deal with in his/her national administration in the two years preceding its entry into the Commission, or directly adjacent cases. In no case he/she shall represent the Commission in order to make commitments, financial or otherwise, or to negotiate on behalf of the Commission. The more specific duties include the following:

•   Contribute to the operationalisation and implementation of the provisions of the Financial Regulation with respect to indirect management, notably through ex-ante pillar assessments of entities to be entrusted with budget implementation.

•   Contribute to the operationalisation of the provisions of the Financial Regulation with respect to Simplified Cost Options.

•   Monitor and analyse audits and assessments delivered by external service providers on the basis of terms of reference developed by the unit or other Commission services.

•  Contribute to improving systems and processes related to the management of pillar assessments and simplified cost options.

•   Provide support and assistance to other INTPA services and units, delegations and other Commission services regarding all the stages in the implementation of ex-ante pillar assessments and audits of simplified cost options.

•  Contribute to the follow-up on the implementation of agreed actions resulting from pillar assessments and simplified cost options audits.

•   Contribute to the overall work of the unit, as regards monitoring, reporting and reinforcing of internal control aspects.

•   Occasionally provide trainings and presentations, e.g. in HQ and in seminars/missions.

2.    Main qualifications

a) Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by the candidate in order to be seconded to the Commission. Consequently, the candidate who does not fulfil all of these criteria will be automatically eliminated from the selection process.

•  Professional experience: at least three years of professional experience in administrative, legal, scientific, technical, advisory or supervisory functions which are equivalent to those of function group AD;

•   Seniority: candidates must have at least one year seniority with their employer that means having worked for an eligible employer as described in Art. 1 of the SNE decision on a permanent or contract basis for at least one year before the secondment;

•   Linguistic skills: thorough knowledge of one of the EU languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties. SNE from a third country must produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one EU language necessary for the performance of his duties.

b)  Selection criteria


- university degree or

- professional training or professional experience of an equivalent level in the field(s) : audit, internal control. Certification in audit and related fields would be an asset (e.g. CIA, CGAP, CPA, CFE).

Professional experience

Audit (internal and/or external)

Financial and internal control

Risk Management.

Language(s) necessary for the performance of duties

English : excellent oral communication and drafting skills. French : good oral communication and drafting skills.

3.    Submission of applications and selection procedure

Candidates should send their application according to the Europass CV format ( in English, French or German only to the Permanent Representation / Diplomatic Mission to the EU of their country, which will forward it to the competent services of the Commission within the deadline fixed by the latter. The CV must mention the date of birth and the nationality of the candidate. Not respecting this procedure or deadlines will automatically invalidate the application.

Candidates are asked not to add any other documents (such as copy of passport, copy of degrees or certificate of professional experience, etc.). If necessary, these will be requested at a later stage.

Candidates will be informed of the follow-up of their application by the unit concerned.

4.    Conditions of the secondment

The secondment will be governed by the Commission Decision C(2008)6866 of 12/11/2008 laying down rules on the secondment to the Commission of national experts and national experts in professional training (SNE Decision).

The SNE will remain employed and remunerated by his/her employer during the secondment. He/she will equally remain covered by the national social security system.

Unless for cost-free SNE, allowances may be granted by the Commission to SNE fulfilling the conditions provided for in Art. 17 of the SNE decision.

During the secondment, SNE are subject to confidentiality, loyalty and absence of conflict of interest obligations, as provided for in Art. 6 and 7 of the SNE Decision.

If any document is inexact, incomplete or missing, the application may be cancelled.

Staff posted in a European Union Delegation are required to have a security clearance (up to SECRET UE/EU SECRET level according to Commission Decision (EU, Euratom) 2015/444 of 13 March 2015, OJ L 72, 17.03.2015, p. 53).

The selected candidate has the obligation to launch the vetting procedure before getting the secondment confirmation.

5.    Processing of personal data

The selection, secondment and termination of the secondment of a national expert requires the Commission (the competent services of DG HR, DG BUDG, PMO and the DG concerned) to process personal data concerning the person to be seconded, under the responsibility of the Head of Unit of DG HR.B.1. The data processing is subject to the SNE Decision as well as the Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.

Data is kept by the competent services for 7 years after the secondment (2 years for not selected experts).

You have specific rights as a ‘data subject’ under Chapter III (Articles 14-25) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, in particular the right to access, rectify or erase your personal data and the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. Where applicable, you also have the right to object to the processing or the right to data portability.

You can exercise your rights by contacting the Data Controller, or in case of conflict the Data Protection Officer. If necessary, you can also address the European Data Protection Supervisor. Their contact information is given below.

Contact information

  • The Data Controller

If you would like to exercise your rights under Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, or if you have comments, questions or concerns, or if you would like to submit a complaint regarding the collection and use of your personal data, please feel free to contact the Data Controller, Unit HR.B.1,

  • The Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the Commission

You may contact the Data Protection Officer ( with regard to issues related to the processing of your personal data under Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.

  • The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

You have the right to have recourse (i.e. you can lodge a complaint) to the European Data Protection Supervisor ( if you consider that your rights under Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 have been infringed as a result of the processing of your personal data by the Data Controller.

To the attention of candidates from third countries: your personal data can be used for security checks.



[1] These mentions are given on an indicative basis only (Art.4 of the SNE Decision).




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