Network Activities


The (co)-President promotes the representation of the Practitioners’ Network at the European level and can act as the face of the Practitioners’ Network in dealings with the European Commission and other stakeholders.

The (co)-President calls, organises and chairs Steering Committee meetings and General Assembly meetings and may chair any other meeting or event of interest to the Practitioners’ Network. The (co)-President also ensures the public relations of the Practitioners’ Network.

The Troika is composed of the previous, current and future (co)-Presidents. It guarantees the strategic continuity of the Practitioners’ Network and the ownership of the Practitioners’ Network by various Members.

The Coordinator performs strategic, operational, administrative and financial tasks and provides support to the (co)-President and the Steering Committee.

The Coordinator’s role also include suggesting initiatives for the network's development; facilitating the provision of internal and external information; contributing to ensuring the network's visibility and managing the accounts and budget among other tasks.