Network Activities


The Crisis, Fragility and Migration Working Group (CFM WG) was set up in May 2016 to promote knowledge sharing, effective coordination and capacity pooling for analysis and implementation, in an effort to strengthen the collective EU response towards resilience in situations of crisis and fragility by combining the comparative advantages of European aid actors. The CFM WG also promotes knowledge, practice and experience sharing around human mobility and migration as an opportunity and a long-term development issue. The migration and development approach contributes to complementarity and synergies with the crisis and fragility approach. 

The Working Group objectives help address the people and peace aspects of the 2030 Agenda, notably SDGs 10.7 and 16, and are the following:

  • Strengthen mutual reflection, knowledge and exchange between the Network Members themselves and between the Network and the EU institutions

  • Contribute to the EU’s effective coordination, capacity pooling and joint implementation in conflict and fragile contexts

The CFM WG has a sub-group focused on education in emergencies and fragile contexts. The Group’s Members promote and support greater efficiency and effectiveness in cooperation and coordination for more immediate, predictable and sustainable support to education in emergencies and ongoing crises. It was set up in 2019, and its recent work has focused on the COVID response.